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88270 Vuolijoki

Avoinna 2024

15.6. - 11.8.
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Kuusirannantie 67

88270 Vuolijoki

Aukioloajat 2024

15.6. - 11.8.
ke-su klo 11-17

Riihipiha Museum Info and Contact Details



Riihipiha museum is open during summer. In 2024 opening times are Wed-Sun  11:00-17:00  15.6.-11.8.2024. Visits for groups can also be reserved outside these times during spring and autumn.

Address: Kuusirannantie 67, 88270 Vuolijoki, Kajaani. Signs guide visitors to the museum area from road 879.

Tel: +358 44 9767 132, email info(at)riihipiha.fi.


During the museum’s opening times, there is a café in the Niittypirtti building. The café often hosts summer exhibitions with art or photography. The Niittypirtti building can also be rented for conferences, exhibitions and special occasions. Niittypirtti is owned by the Vuolijoki rural association.


The biggest event in the museum area during the summertime is the two-day Summer Fair event, most often arranged in the beginning of July. During the Summer Fair, there usually is a wide variety of activities ranging from old tractors, farm animals and raffles to demonstrations of traditional handicraft skills. Information about the Summer Fair event 2024 will be found on the Riihipiha museum Facebook page or Instagram page during the spring and summer 2024.


Welcome to the Riihipiha museum!

About the Museum


Riihipiha museum is one of the best attractions to visit if you are travelling in Vuolijoki village of Kajaani in Kainuu. The collection of approximately 4000 items in Riihipiha shows what life was like for earlier generations in Vuolijoki and the Kainuu region.

The 35 buildings in Riihipiha were brought to exhibit the old courtyards of the Kainuu region from the end of the 1800s and early 1900s. The buildings and items show the development of agriculture and the tools used in housekeeping. The speciality of the area is a storehouse called pettulato. The bark of the pine logs of the building was used in making bread during years of famine 1917-1918.

Agriculture advisory work has been carried out in Finland for over 100 years. A combined office and living room building in Riihipiha tells of this work; as a museum it is the only one of its kind in Finland. Items related to growing and using forests are collected in a special section of the museum.

The museum buildings also include a former village shop and a bank museum, which has sections that describe the activities of the Lotta Svärd and Civil Guard organisations.

Riihipiha Buildings

The Milk Platform was jointly used by the Maijala farms from about 1950 to 1985.

Transformer Substation (1949)

The Shop has a collection of various items that were sold in village shops in the countryside. There is also a collection of articles from the wartime and the post-war years of shortage.

The Storehouse for meat/fish was assembled in its current location from old logs. Contains fishing equipment and containers used to preserve meat and fish.

The Granary (1838). Grain bins and stairs are built in the old style.

The Kekkos-storehouse is an old storehouse which was used on the Hina farm. The Kekkonen family owned the farm from 1940 to 1945. Urho Kaleva Kekkonen was Finland’s most important post-war president.

The Advisory Storehouse contains articles related to domestic science advice.

The Traditional Windmill. Its base, sweeps (wings) and mechanism were renovated in Riihipiha.

The Horse Stable is from the end of the 1800s and early 1900s. The two-story building has two rooms: a stable for two horses and a Stable Storehouse, which has a collection of historical electrical items.

The Storehouse with Loft was built in its present location in 1995.

Pihlajamäki House was moved from the Korholanmäki village of Sotkamo. The building is a typical residential building of the Kainuu region at the end of the 1800 and early 1900s. Also contains a collection of items used for ”rainy day” tasks done indoors.

The Clothing Storehouse was built on this place in the old style in 1996.

Tuumala is a former residential building from the yard of a shop in the parish village (Kirkonkylä) of Vuolijoki. It contains a special section, the Office of an Agricultural Advisor, which showcases the items of advisory work as well as a review of its 100-year history. A milk storage room is located at the end of the building.

The Barn is from the Paavola farm in Vuolijoki. A barn house is built at the end of the building. A draw well was made on this place in 1996.

The Sheep Barn is from Ristijärvi. Originally it functioned as the cattle barn of a retired farmer.

The Drying House was originally a storehouse. The so-called box drier is from 1949.

The Potato Cellar was constructed here in 1996.

The Large Smoke Sauna was built here for demonstration and taking saunas.

The Small Smoke Sauna was originally in the courtyard of a retired farmer.

The Old Workshop is from the Iivonlahti farm from Sotkamo. The building has experienced a fire.

The Shed has a collection of horse-drawn cultivation and transport equipment as well as equipment from the early stage of the mechanisation of farming.

The Forest Stable imitates a stable used on logging sites.

The Forest Storehouse contains a collection of tools used in growing and using the forest. The storehouse was brought from Oulu.

Tar boat and Boathouse. The Kainuu Land and Forest Foundation donated the tar boat and boathouse in spring 2002. The boat was built in Suomussalmi in 1957.

The three-walled buildings contain tools from both the horse and tractor periods.

The Pettulato is a Vuolijoki-style barn from the 1920s. The barn is built of pine trees from which bark was taken for making bread in the years of crop failure, 1917-1918.

The Drying Barn was used to dry grain that was to be threshed and for separating seeds from crops with a flail.

The Rantapirtti Croft (tenant farmhouse) served as a home in the 1930s to the 1950s. The croft has one heated room made of logs and an unheated porch made of boards.

The Storehouse displays a collection of items related to forests, among others.

Meadow Sauna / Logging Cabin is located on a peatland meadow along a nature trail.

Platform for Summer-Events.

Taidekumpu House: art exhibitions, conferences.

Pikku-Kumpu House: The Civil Guard and Lotta Svärd collection displays articles and literature related to work in these organisations. The Savings Bank Museum’s collection contains items and books needed in banking operations.

Niittypirtti House: café, info, toilet.


Kuusirannantie 67
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